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Boost your immune system and embrace holistic wellness like never before with the incredible power of Chaga mushrooms. Sourced from the pristine forests and sustainably harvested, our Chaga products are crafted with care to preserve their natural potency.

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Naturally slow dried CHAGA MUSHROOMS collected at the optimal cyclic period

CHAGA mushrooms will protect your immune system like nothing else. They have a ORAC(oxygen radical accumulation count) score of 36000+ which is the highest ever recorded and measures how antioxidant a substance is.

The Chaga mushroom grows as a parasite on mostly the silver birch tree. The silver birch has been given this name as the bark as a silver tint to it. The silver in the Ancient forest soil is deep underground and penetrated by the roots of the birch tree. The outer conk of the mycelia ( mushroom roots) is taken off the tree and can be used to make a very effective immune system boosting tea for all ages to enjoy. Children under 14 should only have a weak tea and not too much. The upper limit for everyone else is really as much as you can drink as long as you drink some water with it. Chaga is especially effective in the treatment of cancer and though you won’t read this on a cancer research website it is actually amoung the most reserched mushrooms in the world. It was famously written about by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his book the cancer ward which won the Nobel peace prize in 1969. Its ability to boost the immune system is second to none but also it’s ability to protect against radiation is also something which we will all find very useful now as we are living in a increasingly electro magnetic smog filled for now. This is only a short term solution and we need to get the transmitters switched off ASAP but for now Chaga will protect the electo nervous system in the brain. Chaga is also used very effectively for irritated bowel syndrome and M.E. and many other ailments as well as being used by sportsmen to improve performance.

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  1. Jennifer Richmond

    Have been using this supply of chaga for over 8 years now and it’s part of my life. I don’t get any serious colds anymore and if I do get one my immune system blows it away in a very short time.. This chaga is a very pure source and leaves very black water after bringing to the boil.

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