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SHILIJIT or MOOMIYO is surely one the world’s most interesting, mysterious, unique, and medicinally powerful substances.
In the oldest intact and advanced medicine system in the world, AYURVEDA its name is Shilijit is a Sanskrit word that means the DESTROYER OF WEAKNESS..the substance has been used to treat illnesses for thousands of years.
It is seen as a general cure boosting the immune system but also as an enhancer of other Ayurvedic herbs. Many traditional Ayurvedic doctors.will add shilijit to any prescription that they give the patient magnifying the medicinal qualities of the other herbs being taken.
In Russia it’s used in mainstream pharmacy is known by all and is available in different forms in almost every mainstream pharmacy. The main use in Russia is for people who are suffering from cancer.

I spent more than two decades searching for the real shilijit from traveling around India and the Himalayas to the wilds of Siberia and Mongolia where I eventually found what I was looking for.
Shilajit has been extracted since ancient times in the Himalayas especially and due to its value and it being a very rare substance a very advanced counterfeiting business developed.
For many years I was given supposed shilijit from wandering Baba’s and various herbal medicine shops and was never quite convinced that I had found the real genuine item.

The effects were mild at the most and most of it was most likely some type of vegetable extract that had simply been made up. Eventually, after moving into a wholesale Ayurvedic medicine business I did find some real shilijit from a very old established herb dealer in Delhi They had a decent supply which was highly medicinal though I wanted to find the actual location of the supply so this desire took me to many remote regions of the Himalaya.
Now finding a cave full of shilijit is not as easy as you may think or if you know something about the geography of the Himalayas then you might have guessed it wouldn’t be that easy.
Firstly a lot of these locations are in very inaccessible areas of the Himalayas and if you know the lay of the land there are not actually that many paths in the high trekking regions of the region and even a river can be 4000 metres down almost straight. The ways to and from the caves are only known by a few and the locations are also top secret and closely guarded with rights of access being afforded to the local tribe if anyone was to try and get into the source of the supply then Severe penalties would be probably expected if someone from another tribe or area came along and tried to plunder the supply.
Well, I didn’t want to plunder or take anyone’s supply all I wanted was a regular supplier.
I eventually was taken to a depleted location and though there was real shilijit it did seem to be that the operation was tainted by overconsumption.
Eventually, I met someone in India who told of a MOOMIYO operation in the Altai mountains and the rest is history.
When I first tried the new supply within seconds I felt a rush and a very strong stimulant effect not unlike a quadruple expresso this was the real thing and within a few seconds I went for a run. The strength was completely different and I was in no doubt after years of looking that I had finally found the real McCoy.
I asked to meet to actual collectors who were Kazak nomads from the Altai. These people are still fully nomadic and as there are no roads in their part of the Altai or indeed in most of the Altai they still spend their lives on horseback and they keep a herd of horses continuously breeding more.
I had already spent time with pristine living people in New Guinea and a few other places so I was very excited at the chance to meet some real nomads from the Siberian mountains.
My first trip was in winter in temperatures which went down to -40. I was well equipped though one evening coming back from a lake dip (completely normal for them) I did get completely lost and only luck saved me when I saw some horses and followed them back to a remote village.
I saw a few locations and these wonderful people became my suppliers.


Having had experience in Ayurvedic medicine preparation in south India I then asked the team of collectors if they would be able to do a special Ayurvedic blending of herbs.
To my surprise they already did this as while they were steaming the moomie they gathered and infused local grasses of which I counted 14 different species.
The most common one was Ivan chai which grew in abundance on the meadow.
Now this is a very important protocol in making premium shilijit. The location of the preparation is very important and the water used to purify and also the length of the purification.
I had seen a famous Indian company preparing the shilajit in huge cats in Gurgaon an industrial area outside Delhi where you would not want to drink the water and realized I was in one of the purest pristine places on earth.
The water from the Altai is among the most unpolluted and far away from any industry or major city.
Also in the Himalayas, it’s difficult to find a small stream where villagers are not washing and cleaning upstream whereas here in the Altai I realized that no one was upstream at all and we had the purest water.
Now the purification had to be done here as to carry away the shilijit in the much heavier shale form would need a lot more horses and take a lot more lifting so simply camping for the purification period of 40 days in a beautiful area was a great part of the operation.
The Altai at this time of year is simply splendid and the collection team set up camp for the whole summer while accessing different caves.
Now another point that many miss is what locations are better than others.

There are generally four different metals dominant in Shilijit locations


Contrary to what many promote iron is the most important medicinally in the the main dominant metal elemental constitution. This is the reason that different locations are more prized than others for medicinal effect.
Each location is unique and not one shilijit deposit is identical to another as is nature.
After many years of trying different ones we have chosen the most dynamic sources and


We gather to use the shilajit from a location that is not overused


There are around a dozen caves that we use interchangeably and these have been chosen as the most unique and sought-after blends



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  1. Iain Forsyth

    Tried this pure shilajit – really thick and not mixed with additives. This made it very strong and led to great boosts in my health. 100% recommend to friends. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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